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Bause R&D center

Bause R&D center

Known for their expertise and professionalism, BAUSE COSMETICS cosmetics are a leading china manufacturers who rely on their experience and know-how to design the best products for their customers. At BAUSE COSMETICS cosmetics, we go to extreme lengths to ensure that our cosmetics and formulations meet the demand of the industry. By focusing on our strengths and by providing the best in the class services, our team has managed to create the most powerful, bestselling and effective products. Our laboratory is equipped with various advanced testing equipment and have experienced experts who used to develop formulation for big brands.  Our advanced production facilities can fulfill most makeup contract manufacturing needs.

Bause Cosmetics has our own independent research and development center. The R&D center are including powder team, lip production team and foundation team. Bause R&D and management team with strong ability of microbiological testing and heavy metals determination. Our engineers have been working in color cosmetics area for many years, and ready to offer the unique and suitable formula to our customers.

Bause Cosmetics R&D formula design
Bause Cosemtics R&D sample making

Bause Cosmetics Testing Facilitiesb
Bause Cosmetics Testing Facilities
Bause R&D team and Lab
Bause Cosmetics R&D team and Lab

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